Chicken Balls & Potato Wedges

Chicken and Wedges

Chicken and Wedges
Photo by Snat

The first thing to be reviewed on Is it Nice? is a £3 meal deal from Morrisons. The food itself was served in a cupboard box (to be expected) and included 12 bits of what I am calling chicken balls as I do not know what it is actually called, potato wedges and although I asked for mayonnaise, it came with some garlic sauce.

So first we will chat about these chicken balls. Well first they barely had any favour and seem to have relied on it being crusty to give it any form of taste. The garlic sauce, to me, was the only thing I would taste and I did try it both with and without. The size of them was about half a wedge as you can see in my crappy picture.

The next thing is the wedges. Well at least they had favour and tasted like, well just potato which a hint of garlic. I did try it with both the garlic sauce and not and it basically just tasted the same. The amount I got was was filled to the box but naturally may vary between the person that is filling it in for you.

So overall, I say it isn’t the best tasting food out there but at least it is something and has some taste and for £3, you can’t complain.


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2 Responses to Chicken Balls & Potato Wedges

  1. Never been a fan of potato wedges for some reason, the chicken just looks like the normal brand-less “oven” chicken that you buy from supermarkets, not the kind that I can stand for very much.

    The best thing about this whole thing for me, would of been the garlic sauce, yummy haha

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