Douwe Egberts Instant Coffee

Douwe Egberts Instant Coffee

Douwe Egberts Instant Coffee

So today’s item is everyone favourite – coffee. As I am sure some that may read this website know but I did use to be a massive coffee drinker and it got to the point where I always had a cup of coffee in my hand.

While nowadays I do not drink much coffee – I still do drink it at times and while I was in farm foods I found an instant coffee and you can see the packing to the right (although I do admit the photo is not the best, taken it with my mobile) and it claims to be a 3 in 1.

In terms of how many cups of coffee you get, you get around roughly 10 small size cups (you will see what I mean in a few minutes).

Back - Douwe Egberts Instant Coffee

Back – Douwe Egberts Instant Coffee

Now to be honest I would go back and check the wrapper and tell you how healthy it is but I am unable to locate it any more but I am sure you can guess it is as healthy as coffee “normally” is.

On the right you are able to see how it is made. First all you got to do is open a cup and add warm water and not boiling water. While I am quite sure some people will comment saying they prefer theirs nice and hot I can tell you right now that the heat of the hot water will be felt by your hand – very quickly.

Once you have added the water you then just leave it a minute or two and then mix it about a bit. Now while I think it comes with sugar and milk (thinking about it, that’s likely what the 3 in 1 thing means) add anything else you want right now.

Below are three photos showing what the cup looks like, what the inside looks like and what the final product taste like.

Now who cares about what it looks like – it is what it TASTE like we care about and well …. it lacks in that department. The coffee itself taste quite plain and even eating the powder itself tasted plain. I tried it a few times with a different amount of water and was disappointed in it and taste the generic coffee everywhere in eduction seem to serve.

However for the cost of it (I recall a few quid max) was quite cheap and you did get quite a bit and for the taste that it was, I suppose it is worth the cost. If you are thinking about getting cheap coffee – this is a good way to go although I do get a feeling this was on a special offer.

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Cheesy Bean Slice

Cheesy Bean Pasty

Cheesy Bean Pasty
Picture by Snat

Today we have an item from The Co-Op, a “Cheesy Bean Slice” which they describe it as “Baked beaks and Cheddar cheese in puff pastry”.

Well for your enjoyment, I have tried this both hot and cold but before I actually get to the review I am going to tell you how healthy this is. Naturally just like other cheap food (this was left than a pound), it is very high in fat – this one being 36% of your guideline daily amount, then 55% of fat that saturates which again is bad. It is also 22% of your daily salt limit.

Now onto the bit we care about – what it actually taste like. Well the first one we are going to do is cold. I think the best way to explain what it taste like is to just say this – it basically tasted like a few penny can of baked beans with no hint of cheese at all. The pasty itself broke apart very easily and overall not really worth the price it was.

Now let’s do heated. First of all I was able to taste the cheese and the beans actually was some what bearable in terms of taste. Interestingly enough though the pasty wasn’t falling to bits so it may have been the first one was just well, a bad one.

Overall I preferred the heated one and I would rate it 5/10. Wasn’t good, isn’t something I would go out of my way to eat but overall it had some taste but the cold one I would rate 2/10 as well, it taste like plain baked beans and nothing more.

Cheesy Pasty in half

Cheesy Pasty in half
Picture by Snat

One day I will actually get a HD camera but the video camera I have that supports HD doesn’t let me take just pictures.

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Chicken Balls & Potato Wedges

Chicken and Wedges

Chicken and Wedges
Photo by Snat

The first thing to be reviewed on Is it Nice? is a £3 meal deal from Morrisons. The food itself was served in a cupboard box (to be expected) and included 12 bits of what I am calling chicken balls as I do not know what it is actually called, potato wedges and although I asked for mayonnaise, it came with some garlic sauce.

So first we will chat about these chicken balls. Well first they barely had any favour and seem to have relied on it being crusty to give it any form of taste. The garlic sauce, to me, was the only thing I would taste and I did try it both with and without. The size of them was about half a wedge as you can see in my crappy picture.

The next thing is the wedges. Well at least they had favour and tasted like, well just potato which a hint of garlic. I did try it with both the garlic sauce and not and it basically just tasted the same. The amount I got was was filled to the box but naturally may vary between the person that is filling it in for you.

So overall, I say it isn’t the best tasting food out there but at least it is something and has some taste and for £3, you can’t complain.

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And so it starts

And here we go, a new review based site which will never get updated. The idea “Is it nice?” comes from ages ago when me and my brother used to order a lot of noodles from local shops and one day decided to start ordering them on-line only for to taste like paper and salt.

Soon afterwards we got interested in what other cheap crap you could order and well, this is the result. Is it Nice? is a blog in which we will be reviewing all the cheap crap we buy and review / take pictures and decide if it is actually food or salt covered in chemicals.

Either way we hope you enjoy, should be updated “some what often”.

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